The Hero(ine)'s Journey

The mid-life quest for authenticity and freedom

In so many ways, I strongly believe that we are luckier than our mother’s. Not only did they help knock down many barriers for us, but the world we live in offers us more resources than most of them ever dreamed of. 

Thanks to an aging population, mid-life is no longer “old.” And thanks to social media, we can find other women and support to help us navigate what many of us experience: a change in our lives, priorities and direction.

The classic version of this is typically referred to as a “mid-life crisis,” but that has an extremely negative (and typically male) connotation. 

Instead, I prefer to use Joseph Campbell’s archetype as a model. In “The Hero’s Journey,” Campbell breaks down the structure of a compelling story, and it’s used by authors and filmmakers everywhere (starting with George Lucas for Star Wars) as the structure by which meaningful stories unfold.

This is true for our stories as well.